Ida Tarbell

Shalin Revels

Summary about her

She was born in Eire Country, Pennsylvania on November 5th, 1857 and died on January 6th,1944. Her parents are Esther Ann (née McCullough) and Franklin Summer Tarbell. She was an American teacher, author, and a journalist. She taught classes in geology, botany, geometry and trigonometry as well as languages, Greek, Latin, French and German. After two years, she realized teaching was too much for her and that she enjoyed writing more. As a suffragist, Tarbell had determined never to marry and so instead pursued a journalism career.

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The Impact she made

In 1900, she proposed a series of articles in which she would use her experiences as a child during the South Improvement scandal to illustrate her points and spent the next several years deeply immersed in research on the Standard Oil Company and John D. Rockefeller’s business practices.

Was she successful

Yes she was successful because she used her writing skills to get her point across.

Important events

  • She is most famous work, the enlightening book titled The History of the Standard Oil Company, was instrumental in the fall of the monopoly of John D. Rockefeller. T Rockefeller.
  • She has profoundly influenced development of America during the Gilded Age
  • Her work in bringing down corrupt capitalists, adding fairness to the society, and adding another purpose to journalism helped to develop a better nation during the Gilded Age.