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News from The Hamilton Library Learning Commons

August 2016 Volume 1 Issue 1

This is the periodic newsletter of the Hamilton Jr./ Sr. High School Library Learning Commons. It contains information you may find helpful about the library and what it offers Hamilton Students.

Some tips for you

The importance of checking email

We are in a digital age and all of you have computers. It is very important that all students at Hamilton check their email at least once a day. There are numerous things mailed to you. Some of them are very important files or messages from the guidance office or the library. Some of them are contests or programs from your classmates or class sponsors. Sometimes, even your teachers email you. No matter what is coming, it is important that you check. To access your school email, you simply need to go to and login with your school login followed by (EX: you will then add your password. This will take you to gmail. You can leave this open on your computer all the time. You never know when an email will come!

Scholastic Book Clubs Available to students

Because our book fairs have been too small in the past, Scholastic has started sending us book club orders. They are just like in Elementary school but, geared for teens! There are hundreds to titles to choose from each month and the prices are better than they were with the book fair! It's a great chance to get some good titles to read. If you are interested, stop in and grab a form from the library. You can also go to HERE and use the code N28LQ as the classroom. Any purchase online is usually here within two or three days and it's free shipping. It's a great way to help out the library and get some new books!

Hot titles in the Library Learning Commons

These are the current hot titles in the library.