Security Controls

By Kendall Erkens

What's its Importance ?

  • Increase in computer crime; theft, fraud, and vandalism
  • effective security is as much about people and operations as it is about technology

Something you HAVE and Something you DO

  • HAVE : Smart card- a plastic card with a built-in microprocessor, used typically for electronic processes such as financial transactions and personal identification. Fob- one time password
  • ARE (OR DO) : Finger Print, Face identification, and signatures


Something You Know....

  • passwords, pin numbers, and Personally identifiable information (PPI)
  • Proves that a user or process is who it claims to be

Multifactor Authentication

  • strong authentication require two or three types
  1. something you know and something you have
  2. something you know and something you are

Security Controls Power Point

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