Google Chrome Basics & Extensions

Garrison ISD

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Why Chrome?

  • Fast
  • Security
  • Simplicity
  • Cloud-based

Important Chrome Terms:

Address Bar

Google calls it the "Omnibox."

  • Use it to enter a web address. (ex.
  • Use it for a Google search. You don't have to use anymore.
  • Start typing. It auto-completes for you.
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Tabs are very versitile.

  • Close them out.
  • Open a new one.
  • Drag and drop them to where you want them.
  • Search "incognito."
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Create a shortcut or favorite for frequently visited sites:

  • Use the star icon in the Omnibox to create one.
  • You may edit the label or delete the text entirely and just the leave the "Favicon"
  • Drag and drop the bookmarks to create an order meaningful to you.


Sometimes referred to as "hotdogs" or "the hamburger."


  • Bookmarks
  • Sign in (IMPORTANT!!)
  • Settings
Google Chrome Settings Basics

Chrome + Extensions = An enhanced experience while using the Internet [ C + E = :-) ]

Fun extensions

Always remember to log off or disconnect your Chrome account!!

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