the circulatory system

by; Makena, sarah and reagan.

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If homeostasis is not maintained then cholesterol builds up in blood vessels. Those clogged blood vessels are narrowed and become less elastic. When an artery that leads to the heart is clogged, it may lead to heart attacks. Another extremely serious issue the heart may have is a heart attack. Heart attacks are when heart muscle cells die and part of the heart is damaged. Without oxygen, the heart muscles die quickly and when enough cells die, the heart will stop, causing death.


Whenever you exercise, your cells use oxygen at a much higher level than if you were simply walking. Therefore, to maintain homeostasis and to allow our body to continue exercising, our heart rate speeds up to compensate. By speeding up our heart rate, our heart beats faster and pumps more blood to the cells that need the oxygen to continue to exercise. That way, homeostasis is maintained.