Gregor Mendel

Founder on Physics


Gregor Mendel is someone who invested in the heredity theory and is known as the father of modern genetics. He went to school to be a teacher but couldn’t find a job and failed a test 4 times, so the decide to invest in genetics.

Early Years!

In Gregor Mendel's early years he went to the University of Olomouc and he was very good at physics and math. A few months later he had to take care of the family farm. While he was in charge of the farm he also started studying to become a monk. Gregor filled a temporary teaching position, while he was teaching at the position he took a teaching exam but he failed it. After that he went to the University of Vienna and then was given a teaching job at a secondary school.

Experimental Design

When Gregor Mendel was getting ready to do his experiment with hybrids he use pea pod plants. In this experiment Mendel planted pea pods and then tested them with the regular pea pods to see what traits they had.


Some of the thing Mendel looked at when he was doing this experiment was the seed shape, the pod color, and the stem length.


At first scientist reacted confused because they didn't understand how testing pea pod plants meant that this theory worked on all plants. After he did the scientist liked his work and he was viewed as the father of modern genetics.


Gregor's research provided a foundation for genetics when it was rediscovered later on. Scientist now say Mendel's is the discovery fathered genetics. All the research scientist have done recently was built off Mendel's genetics.

Vocab Words

Dominant is a gene that over powers another gene such as brown eyes which is compared to the recessive blue eyed gene.

Recessive is a gene that gets covered-up by a dominate gene such as freckles.

Co-Dominate is a gene that is neither dominate or recessive an example is if you cross a white feathered chicken with a black feathered chicken you will get a chicken that has both white and black feathered chicken.

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