The Knight Trials

By:Andrew Neide


over 1000 copies of this book were sold day one of sales you should buy a copy while they are printing new copies of the book. the books name is "the knight trials" buy it while you still can.


In this book you will follow a hero though his want to become a knight an gain honor and become a Templar or "holy knight" and fight in the crusades to regain the holy land(Jerusalem).

history behind the book

in medieval Europe during the first crusade the Templars attacked the holy land to retake it and they won it back. in the second crusade they lost it by the Islam leader Saladin. after the second crusade they were unable to retake the holy land but attacked and pillaged Constantinople and the byzantine empire fell.

author recommendation

the major authors Rick Riordan and will hill think this is an amazing book. rick Riordan author of Percy Jackson and red pyramid. also will hill the author of the department 19 series.

department 19 series by will hill

The Red Pyramid series by Rick Riordan