Motivational Seminar

October 15th-17th : Ages 17-29

Lets start with your current motivation levels..

October 15th : Bailey's Amphitheater : 11 am

A welcoming presentation for everyone involved in the program.

Speeches given by the designers of the program.

Activities to better understand where you are currently standing with yourself and to get to know other participants in the program.

*Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Discover your psychological needs that stimulate your senses.

We are always feeling emotions. Sometimes enter a state of wakening, in which our bodies experience heightened physiological activity and extremes of emotion. This then drives us to satisfy those desires and can be both powerful and dangerous, both for ourselves and for others. Shane Koyczan will be directing this class for anyone signed up.

Humanistic Theory behind Motivation

Join Levi Macallister for a hands on workshop describing the desire for personal growth and artistic fulfillment. Here, Levi will deliver a speech and activities focusing on the Humanistic Theory.

What are your performance and learning goals?

Jake Mcelfresh, of Front Porch Step, will be conducting a class to learn about preconscious goals you have and will motivate you to set a few new goals. Performance goals are achievements motivated by a concrete, external award, where learning goals are achievements that are motivated by the desire to enhance one's knowledge and skills.

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Rewards

Do you prefer to be rewarded for your goals or motivation by Extrinsic rewards, such as good grades, money, or respect from others, or do you prefer Intrinsic rewards like self-satisfaction? Jake Mcelfresh will also be discussing this topic right after his "Goals" class.