Abraham Lincoln

All about Abraham lincoln

He was the greatest president in the world and the best one ever and he stop slavery for every one and they got to see there family and he was assasassion by john wikes booth in1865amd the guns that he used was a 44 caliber with a single shot to his head and he only had onne bolit in it and also booth run away from the shoting and he want with someone that kill the vice president and run away from it and they they never came back to washition D.C.The persident wife send carides to get the people who kill the persident at ford thater.Then the persident is still at frods theater with blood on his head and blood everywhere they had to take the persient back home to laty down on his bed with bed everywhere on his head and on the floor and there is blood all over his wifes head and it keep spelling blood all over the floor.

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