Genetic Counselor

By: keshawn jackson

Genetic Counselor job description

Genetic counselors are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counseling
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Genetic Counselor duties

  1. As a Genetic Counselor you have to analyze a patient history
  2. Provide genetic testing
  3. Perform genetic risk calculations
  4. Educate families about potential health risks
  5. help patients to cope with a diagnosis
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Personal characteristics

To stay focused on your job and act professional at work. Don't mess around when your examining. I would wan't to make friends with the people at the job. This career would fit me by looking at DNA up close and can see what cells have different things

Education Needed

  1. You need a master's degree
  2. Degree field in genetic counseling,biology,psychology or related field
  3. license and certification you need have a certification required by some employers and licensing is required by many states

Work setting

I would have open hours. In a office building and a lab. It would be a stressful job because you have to be precise on your work or you would mess up that person DNA. You can see new different from all the people that goes to your office. i may dislike the hours because you work for a long time. Clinic and hospitals or doctor's offices

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Wages and Benefits

The median annual Genetics Counselor salary is $67,833 yearly. Yes it provides enough to make a living. The job outlook is good

Similar Careers

A similar job i would want to be is a zoologist because they get t study animals. I think it can help you get the other job i choose because you get up close to animals and study what they do in their habitat

Personal Assessment

  • Yes. Genetic counselors work in a wide variety of settings and may provide diffrent services. you may work with a genetic counselor with specific areas of expertise. prenatal care and family planning, pediatrics, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and many other areas of specialized medical care
  • I think it would be good for me because cause i can help other people.It fits me because i like to study things that are unknown to me.Excellent writing, communication and decision-making skills, knowledge of Human Mutation Databases and Genome Browsers, knowledge of Human Genome Variation Society (HGVS) nomenclature

Final Thoughts

  1. family and medical history evaluation
  2. increased knowledge
  3. health care options
  • genetic testing may not answer all of your questions
  • you could face discrimination
  • That you learn that you've passed on an abnormal gene to your children