A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol Review

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a story about a mean, old, grumpy man who hates Christmas and is changed by his Past, Present, and Future. In the beginning of the play the lights on stage changed colors. The lighting switched between blue and yellow. Blue was a glum and unhappy affect that made the characters upset but fortunately the yellow light made it see that everyone was happy and full of joy. In addition the play used smoke and cracking lightning sound effects. The smoke was used for a spooky, dark, light night scene in the play. The crackling lightning was also used to make it feel like something scary will happen. Lastly, Marley's chains made little noise on stage. Some of Marley's chains made noises because they didn't have paint or thick coated materials on them like the other chains had had. In conclusion, I thought that the play was a very good lesson on how materials in the play could change the perspective that the audience had on the play itself.


Scrooge had to sacrifice some of his money to the poor. I once had to sacrifice some of my money that I had saved for a while and spent it on my cousins to get them something nice for Christmas.