Ruddy Ducks


A Ruddy Duck`s average weight for a male is around 120 the male ruddy duck has a brilliant rusty-brown black Rump neck, scapulars chest sides the bill is bright blue and the legs and feet are grayish. The female duck have grayish brown neck body plumage sides of head and neck are dull brown the bill is dark gray.


Ruddy Duck prairie region North America in the Intermountain West. Most females do not bread until two years of age. Ruddy duck females lay an average of 8 eggs construct next in cattail and Bulnigh over water.


Ruddy Ducks travel at night. They migrate they go to the Northern Mexico they also go to the Caribbean.

Food Habits

Ruddy Ducks feed on pond weeds a lgae and wild celery. They eat aquatic insects and their lanae crusraceans, During breeding season feed on invertebrates primary Chironomid larvae and pupae.


The thing that interest me about Ruddy ducks is that they tend to be both silent but the male will give a "chuck-uck-uck-uck-ur-r-r" when displaying.