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There are various reasons why oral surgeons and dentists perform a tooth extraction. Some issues why tooth extraction is being performed are tooth decay and painful wisdom tooth. In other situations, the dentist usually gets rid of a tooth that will give space for braces of dental prosthetics.

Oral surgeon is different from a dentist. His work is to extract the teeth when the teeth’s condition is complicated. In other cases, they are the ones who are extracting the wisdom teeth or the third molars.

Both the oral surgeon and the dentist will first numb the tooth or teeth that will help the person to feel more relaxed.

We are going to give you some information about the various kinds of tooth extraction, why individuals need to undergo a tooth extraction, how to find the cheapest tooth extraction near you, and how to find the best tooth extraction service. Aside from that, we will also provide you with the information on preparing the procedures and the things to expect after the tooth extraction.

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When Tooth Extraction is Necessary?

Getting rid of the wisdom tooth or the decayed tooth is called as tooth extraction.

Both the oral surgeons and dentists tend to get rid of a tooth or many reasons. The following is the list of the reasons why oral surgeons and dentists perform tooth extraction:

  • The baby tooth is not falling out when the child reaches his or her proper age.
  • Preparing the tooth for applying dental braces; tooth extraction is done if the patient has crowded teeth.
  • Preparing the teeth of a person for applying dental prosthetics.
  • The complications of wisdom teeth.
  • Injury or trauma to the surrounding bone or the teeth.
  • Dental infections.
  • Gum disease.
  • Dental cavities.

Kinds of Tooth Extraction

The accurate kind of tooth extraction that will be done for a patient will always depend upon the size, shape, location, and position of the tooth inside the mouth.

Both the oral surgeons and dentists will determine the tooth extraction as surgical or simple. When we say simple tooth extraction, it includes the teeth that can be seen above the gums. Thus, the dentist or the oral surgeon is capable of removing a tooth I a simple way.

On the other hand, when we say surgical tooth extraction, it is a more complicated process. This process includes the removal of bone, the gum tissue, or both. Thus, the oral surgeon or the dentist will get rid of the tooth in pieces.

The wisdom tooth of a person is the one that usually erupts at the end and requires extraction since some people say that wisdom tooth is impacted. It only means that this kind of tooth does not emerge fully from the person’s gums.

When it comes to oral surgery, tooth extraction is a natural process.

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Tooth Extraction Procedure

Preparation for Tooth Extraction

First, an individual must consult his or her oral surgeon or dentist before he or she underwent the process of tooth extraction.

While doing the consultation, your dental doctor will acquire for your medical history. He or she will also be asked if he or she is taking medications.

Some individuals are in need to start taking medicines or stop their medication before the surgery varying upon the bone, teeth, or both that need to be eliminated.

Procedure for Tooth Extraction

Before the procedure of tooth extraction, the oral surgeon of the dentist will have the person’s teeth X-ray. It is because the X-ray result will help them to determine the angle and curvature of the root of the tooth.

If a person feels pain during the process, they should inform their oral surgeon or dentist quickly.

After the process, the additional procedures, such as stitches might be needed. The surgeon will put gauze over the site of extraction and let the patient bite it for the blood to be absorbed.

Finding the best service for tooth extraction is not an easy task. First, you need to have at least three referrals from your friends and conduct a further research about their service; know the cost and, most importantly, look for their business license as well as the customer reviews. Once done, talk about your preferred tooth extraction service.