Friendship Week

Pink Shirt Day is Friday 20 May

Kindness is the name of the game!

This week is Friendship Week, in conjunction with Pink Shirt Day tomorrow. This year’s it's all about focusing on the positive mahi already happening in school communities across Aotearoa to support safe, inclusive school cultures where everyone is being heard and listened to, and feels they belong.

We use our GROW values to celebrate Friendship week, focusing on RESPECT and OTHERS. With a focus on kindness, caring and acceptance, these values help us to be friendly and a good friend to others.

So why not wear something pink on Friday 20th May to celebrate Friendship Week with us! Children are invited to come to school wearing pink, a little or a lot! Wear a pink shirt, scarf, socks, hat, ribbon, badge or any item at all! There are spot prizes for the most creative pink outfits!

Thanks to the team at Sparklers who provide lots of great resources for schools and parents. Check out some of their tips and ideas below - plus a link so you can explore their website anytime you like!

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Paparangi School

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Using Sparklers at Home

Sparklers is backed by both science, NZ research and wellbeing specialists. Most importantly, it's super easy for anyone to pick up and try - that's part of the reason teachers love it. Sparklers is all about helping kids to:

  • learn to understand and manage their emotions,
  • build their self-esteem,
  • make (and be!) good friends,
  • and long-term, understand all about their wellbeing. Oh, that's another reason teachers love it!

Sparklers is really simple. Here's our best tips to Sparklers success!
  • Honestly, just give it a go and see!
  • Start with an activity that appeals to you, or one your teacher has recommended.
  • End the activity on a high note (sometimes literally)!
  • Be prepared to be 'in this together' with your child – sometimes it's uncomfortable to try new things, but hey, you're a great role-model because here you are!

(from the Sparklers website)

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