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The American Transplant Foundation

You see a lot happening in hospitals. It is very alert and there are many donors notified. But to speak of a trend is still required, "says one year NTS director Bernadette Haze. Haze stresses that despite the increase in the number of donors are not solved the problems of the people on the waiting list: "The waiting lists for an organ transplant are long, about 150 people die every year in the waiting. We do not put us down. We continue to look for new ways. "

In 2009 started the implementation of a number of recommendations in the Master Plan to increase organ donation. Organ transplants (at constant potential) This partly led to the nationwide introduction of the so-called Independent retrieval teams and a change in the organization of donation in hospitals. This year, the results of the Master Plan will be evaluated.

What is NTS?
The America Transplant Foundation, commissioned by the Minister of Health, responsible for the objective allocation of organs and tissues to suitable receivers and keeping the waiting list for organs and tissues. In addition, the NTS responsible for mediation when received, characterize and transport of organs and tissue donors. Some of the tasks in the field of organ donation are carried out under the responsibility of the NTS by Euro transplant.