Come To Paris France


About Paris

Paris is the largest city in France which is the capital of France. Paris is the most beautiful city in France if you ever go to Paris France go to the Eiffel tower because it's the most visited place in Paris.

Paris Food

These are the top 5 food to eat in Paris

1. Caramels 2. Bordier Butter 3. Baguette, Pain au Chocolat, and Pastries 4. Chocolate

5. Cheese from Laurent Dubois

Awesome places to visit in Paris

Getting around Paris

You can get around by a boat, bike or you can walk. Also when you are riding in Paris there is a big loop in the middle where 12 lanes connect to that loop.

Come to Paris France for all the places to visit

If you do come come visit the Louvre museum and the Notre Dame Paris and the most visited place in all of France in Paris Tower.

Culture In Paris

For culture they have festivals that have music art and fashion.
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