How To Conjugate


How do you Conjugate?

The number 1 step to conjugating is to memorize the chart below. With the chart, you just have to change the ending depending on what verb ending is on the word.


Yo____________ (cantar)

1. Cantar..... Cross out the ar ending.

2. Look at the chart below and find YO

3. Change the ending that you crossed out with the ending for YO (O)

4. Canto

Example #2:

Nosotros____________ (comer)

1. Comer..... Cross out the er ending.

2.Look at the chart below and find Nosotros

3.Change the ending that you crossed out with the ending for NOSOTROS (emos)

4. Comemos

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IR Verbs

With IR verbs, you always drop the IR ending. IR verbs are different than AR and ER verbs because with Nosotros and Vosotros you use imos and ís like you normally would, but with tú, usted/el/ella, and ustedes/ellos/ellas you put in an E in place of the I.
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ER Verbs

With ER verbs you always drop the ER ending. On YO you add an O and with the other ones you add the normal endings.
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AR Verbs

AR verbs are the same as ER verbs. You add the O for YO and the same endings as ER just with an A instead of an E.
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