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Cycle 1 Week 11

Hello again! There is much excitement as we enter into our last couple weeks of CC before Christmas break. No doubt these weeks will be filled with special events and sweet family time--may it also be a time of resting in and drawing nearer our God as we look with anticipation to the day of celebrating the birth of our Savior!

Directors Notes

Family Presentations: The Wolfinger Family

Nature Hike: Part of our CC community day science is to participate in a series of nature hikes. With construction at the church, busy families, childcare, etc we have decided to do a ONE hour nature hike time after class this coming Monday. During that time we will be fulfilling ALL the science nature hikes instead of having to make multiple trips to the lake. I have provided each child with their own nature journal that they will take home with them that day and can continue using in their own explorations. Come prepared by dressing in layers and bringing food and water (we will eat lunch as we explore and work thru the different skills.)

Here are the details for our nature hike afternoon:

- Goldwater Lake immediately after review time

- We will spend an hour exploring, learning the skills set in our CC Foundations guide.

- There is a $2 parking fee payable with cash or debit card

Information Meeting Training: Come January we will start hosting Info meetings and Open Houses at our community. We already have quite a bit of interest in CC for the upcoming year. Jennifer will be hosting an online training time for anyone wishing to help run these meetings. She does them at night and keeps it super simple. If this is something you would be interested in helping with let me know and I can get the dates of the online trainings to you! I know it would be a huge blessing to me to have others spreading the world about our awesome community!

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations of Prescott's mission is to know God and make Him known. We do this in the context of a classically driven Chrisy centered community! We desire to equip families in their homeschooling journey!