The Eagles Nest NMAPA Newsletter

You Are an Essential Piece of the Puzzle- 2021-2022

Our School Vision

Vision: North Metro Academy of Performing Arts will be the best charter school in the state of Georgia where students acquire the 21st century knowledge and skills ignited by the arts to be successful in high school and college.

Mission: NMAPA engages students in instruction that integrates academics and performing arts in ways that address the unique needs and interests of each student, while intentionally developing confidence, imagination and collaboration.

Instructional Expectations:

Workshop Model (Reader's, Writer's, & Math)

Integration of the Arts

High Levels of Student Engagement and Inquiry


I am a NMAPA child of Excellence who always does my best. I am Respectful and Responsible. I am Creative and Innovative. I am Focused and Determined. I am Kind and Supportive. I soar as high as an eagle on the wings of my Integrity. I am a Courageous Leader who can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. I am a NMAPA scholar and I am committed to Success!

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PTA Meeting

We are so excited for our first official PTA meeting on Monday, November 15th at 6:00pm. The three committees that we will establish are listed below. I look forward to seeing everyone then.

1. Membership Committee - charged with formulating plans/ideas to encourage others to be present at the next meeting and join the PTA. There must be at least 25 individuals present who are willing to join the PTA at the next meeting. The committee is responsible for maximizing attendance and membership.

2. Nomination Committee - charged with presenting a slate of candidates they feel would best lead the PTA and serve the students, teachers, school, and community at large. The chair of the committee will present the slate at the next meeting. The time between the two meetings allows for the Nomination Committee to collect solicitations of nominations, vet nominees, and select the slate of officers.

3. Bylaws Committee-charged with completing the bylaws template. This committee will present proposed bylaws to be voted on at the next meeting, i.e. cost of membership dues, term, quorum, etc. The template for the bylaws will be completed during the organizational meeting.

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Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break will take place the week of Monday, November 22nd-Friday, November 26th.
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Help Create A Culture Of Kindness

A lot of emphasis is placed on students studying hard to earn good grades, and a considerable amount of time and money is spent to assure that children are happy and enjoying their lives. We don't spend nearly as much time talking about caring and compassion or help children strengthen those empathy muscles by performing acts of kindness and service with them.

Consider incorporating acts of kindness as a routine family activity, review the suggestions below:

  • Serve at a homeless shelter. Do good for others! When we help others and increase unselfish behavior, we are doing good for ourselves. There is a lot of evidence about the science of doing good and why it benefits our own health. Make sure that while you’re taking care of yourself, you’re doing what you can to support others.
  • Connect with others. Use your phone or platforms like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom to talk with family and friends. Share how you’re feeling and actively listen to others when they share how they are feeling.
  • Let someone go in front of you in line. Everyone is doing their best right now. It is easy to be judgmental of how others are handling this challenging time with covid, but know that we all operate a little differently. Offer a bit of grace to others during this time. Notice all the good things happening in the world right now. There are a ton of great things… just do a search online for “good news during Covid-19” and you’ll find a lot!
  • Tell a family member how much you love and appreciate them.
  • Pay it forward. The next time you are in the drive thru or grocery line leave money to help toward the order or purchase of someone else food.
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We are so excited for our Fall Induction for our Junior Beta Club on Wednesday, November 17th at 9:00am.
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GCPS Covid Protocol

If a North Metro Academy student tests positive for COVID-19 or is identified as a direct contact of a COVID positive person (and isn't vaccinated), please Gloria Thomas, Assistant Principal, as well as the homeroom teacher for next steps with our GCPS quarantine protocol.

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Upcoming Events

November 3rd- Fall Pictures

November 6th-Fall Festival

November 9th- Digital Learning Day #3

November 18th- Gwinnett County Board of Education Meeting

November 22nd- November 26th- Thanksgiving Break