The Best Family Ever!

My family

Some things about me!

Welcome! The most important community to me is my family. It's most important because they take care of me. And also without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Some examples that my parents do for me are they pay for food, they deal with my additide, and much more! My sister can somtimes be annoying but in the future I'm going to need her somtime or another at least that's what everybody says. I also have a cat. His name is Baxter, he has changed my life forever.

He also provides a lot fun and is fun to play with. We also do a bunch of fun things together. Like in January we are going on vacation to Florida and going to go to Disney World where we are going spend a lot of time together.

Why it's important

This community is important to me because there my family! Everybody's family is important to them in one way or the other. They are important to me is by loving and caring about every body and anything even if we are a little bit annoying that day. This community is different from others because no community is the same as another. Like nobody is exactly a like or no two snowflakes are a like. That's why I think it most important to love and care about your family.