The Roman Empire

By: Jace Rake


This project is about the struggles with the Roman Empire. The first paragraph is about is about the kings of early Rome. There was quite a few kings of Rome. The second paragraph is about A Whole Nation Goes on Strike. This paragraph is about people with debt. The third paragraph is about the Punic wars

The kings of Early Rome

There history is so mixed with fables and myths that historians have a hard time deciding what is fiction and what is not. The kings did not keep written records.The founders of Rome were Romules and Remus in 753 BC. The city of Alba Longa is where king Tullus was killed meddeling with the weather. Legend says that Numg Populus added 2 months to the 10 month calender.

A Whole Nation Goes on Strike

In 494 BC. some of the people of Rome threatened to march out of Rome and go develop a new city. But then they agreed to cancel all debt and release people from jail with debt. The laws were written on 12 bronze tablets and they were displayed in the center of town. In 445 BC. the Plebianes won the right to marry the Parcipations. The city had 3 major branches of government.

The Punic Wars

The Punic wars began in 264 BC. The Carthaginan warships made the Mediterranean a closed sea. The Carthaginan sank any vessels that entered the Mediterranean . Two centuries of warfare had turned Rome into a nation of soldiers. Carthage was the region's chef sea power.


I hope you enjoyed my presentation about the Roman Empire. I learned a lot about the subject. My favorite topic was the Punic wars. My least favorite part of the Punic wars was how the Carthaginan sank any vessels that entered the Mediterranean. I am hoping to learn more about the Roman Empire.


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