#YouMatter at Howe Public Schools

2014-15 School Wide Theme

"If you do not secure students hearts, you don’t have a shot at their brains." - Angela Maiers

This year we have selected "You Matter" for the school theme. This is a "movement" inspired by Angela Maiers who is a former educator and author of the books "The Passion Driven Classroom" and "Classroom Habitudes." The theme will tie nicely with our focus on relationships and desire for every person connected to the school (staff, students, parents, community members, etc...) to feel important and valued.

This is a broad theme so, please feel free to be creative in its implementation. Check out this guide to creating a mattering culture in your school, the #YouMatter Manifesto, and Angela Maiers' TED Talk. You might also find inspiration on this You Matter/Virtues Pinterest Board.

“You Matter” is a message that we must send out to every stakeholder in our school and community. For people to see that we truly care about them and their successes, is a large part of the reason they are able to succeed. We must find something that each student is or can be successful at and encourage them and tell them how important their mission is. When we give them a purpose they will succeed.

#LionPride is something that is vital to the success of our students, school, staff and community. It is imperative that the “You Matter” theme be carried out in every class and program of our school.

We are excited about the upcoming year and look forward to us continuing toward our goals. In the stressful climate of public education, it is important to remember that you do matter and you are a valued part of the team.

Thank you,

Mr. Dyer, Mr. McGee, and Mr. Parks

The Best Ways To Let People Know They Matter

The Best Ways To Let People Know They Matter

* You See Them

* You Listen Earnestly

* You Ask Meaningful Questions

* You Believe They Can

* You Dwell in Possibility

* You Celebrate Them

* You Do Small Things With Great Love

* You Show Up

* You Choose2Matter

TEDxDesMoines - Angela Maiers - You Matter
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Two Letters That All Students Should Receive by Angela Maiers

"It’s already back-to-school time in many parts of the U.S. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing, or re-publishing, much of my back-to-school content to help you start the new school year right. Today, I feature two “Dear Student” letters that I wish all students, of all ages, everywhere would receive from their teachers."

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Learn more about Choose2Matter . . . "Choose2Matter was created in response to this breathtaking reaction. It invites the world to make “mattering” a new way of life. The first initiative of Choose2Matter is the Quest2Matter, a five-week, student-focused quest. We’re reaching out to millions of students to inspire them to pursue a quest to change our world." What can our students do at Howe Public Schools? From the Choose2Matter Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/Choose2Matter/info