Ellison's Cave

"America's Deepest Pit"

Explore Ellison's cave

Located in Walker county Georgia, on Pigeon mountain

  • Ellisons Cave is the 12th deepest in the United States
  • The deepest unobstructed vertical pit in the lower 48 states
  • 586 feet tall
  • 12 miles of underground pathways
  • Extends 1063 feet vertically

Ellison's Cave is for experienced cavers only

  • Ellison's cave is generally explored by only the most experienced and capable cavers . Beginning cavers will most likely be discouraged from entering the cave due to its massive depth . the vertical sections of the cave require extensive knowledge and practice of single rope technique climbing, including heavy ropes in wet environments.
  • The horizontal portions of the cave feature technical and somewhat dangerous free climbing and bouldering environments. proper training, gear, and clothing are essential .
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Plunging Into The Abyss And Down The Earth's Deepest Cave. It's A Different World Down There...