Ideal School

By:Jed,Mac,Brett, and Colin

Mission Statement

At here we want to take a more modern approach with computers and tablets to have students have more fun while learning. We want to have healthier lunches and later starts for students to have more energy to do work. We want teachers to have 1 on 1 time and choices for projects for students to do their own working style and have better work.

Late starts

At our school we would want later starts for more energy and kids would not sleep in and miss school.


We would want our teachers to have 1 on 1 time with students if they need it or want it. And we want to give kids a choice of what kind of project they like to do like poster essay etc.


Today we have computers but we want to add tablets and other technology so learning is more fun. Kids today all they do is use technology and if we tie that more into school they will do more work.

Other Ideas

  • Healthier lunches
  • eagle our where kids get to finish homework
  • Growth check test twice a semester
  • No test and only projects the only test are growth checks and MAP test
  • small aquarium


The amount a kid takes off class they have to stay after school for that time.