Characteristics of a Great Teammate

By: Emily Helman

Characteristic One

Demonstrates Reliability

  • You can rely on your partner to do their part
  • Get the job done
  • Follow through on assignments
  • Consistency is the key

Characteristic Two

Respectful and Supportive
  • Cheer you on
  • Treat you with courtesy amd consideration all of the time
  • Respects others ideas
  • Contribute to success - without push
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Characteristic Three

Shows Commitment

  • To the team and coach
  • put team before themselves
  • Give a good effort
  • Shows up everyday ready to work

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Characteristic Four

Problem Solvers

  • Find ways to make things work
  • Don't blame others for the problem
  • Not problem-dwellers
  • Don't put of problems

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Characteristic Five

Active Participant

  • Come prepared to events
  • Engaged
  • Active in conversation
  • Don't sit passively on sidelines

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