TM International, LLC

Use Superior Quality Protection from Harmful Catastrophic Events

If you need protection from catastrophic events at your workplace, we advise you to use the blast shields and blasting mats of TM International. The T.M.I. is the world's premier protection company that offers protection against, blasts ad pressure. We specialize in serving the best blasting mats and shields to our clients around the globe. Our company is in the protection field since 2001 and is dedicated to offer superior quality products to the people every single time. The most prior aim of our company is to offer great protection and satisfaction to the users at the same time.

For us, the lives of our clients is the most important thing in the world that is why we also have blasting mats for sale. All of our products are tested for worst situations befored being sell to the clients.Our blast shields are capable of absorbing energy like shock waves as it contains and reduces the velocity of these flying matters and do not deflect or redirect.The rope design in our blasting mats has been proven to be very effective since 1990.We offer prestigious soltuions to protect the people that are indulged in risky professions and dangerous areas. Our professional supervisors are always available to help you with your problem.

Our products prevent most of the damage against failure in the plant or storms.We can ship anywhere around the globe 2500SF, 250 m² 20' Container. Log on to today and stay immune from hazardous events.