Geography Events: India

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World's Worst Cyclone Has Risen!

The Odisha cyclone, or Cyclone 05B, hit the coast of India yesterday, October 29th, 1999. It was the deadliest tropical cyclone in the Indian Ocean since the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone. It also ranked deadliest storm since 1971. It killed about 10,000 people and left a path of terrible destruction behind it. It was a Category 5 storm and hit about the same place a Category 4 storm hit just weeks before.

Who, what, when, where. and why?

What exactly happened

The people of India and Burma were hit by the Odisha Cyclone. Also known as the Paradip Cyclone, it hit on the coasts of India, Burma, and Odisha. It formed October 25th-October 28th and hit on October 29th, 1999. This all happened because of it's forming in the Malay Pennisula and it caused so much damage because of it's high 160 mph winds.