Compare and Contrast

Physical and Chemical

Physical Change

Involves change in physical state like when it changes like solid, liquid and gas. No change in composition happens of the atoms or molecules.

Dissolving sugar in water causes the sugar to dissolve but not to go away so the water will have the sugar in it.

Chemical Change

Makes the composition of the substance to change. The chemical formula is changed when chemical change is acted upon it.

Cooking an egg is a chemical change.


Both are changed that happen to a substance, they make the substance change even if it one is chemical and the other is not.


Chemical changes the composition while physical only changes the physical properties.


Causes a substance to be deposited in solid form from a solution.

A mixing of two clear solution like AgNO3 + NaCl =AgCI + NaNO3 which is silver nitrate and sodium chloride.


A reaction or process accompanied by the release of heat.

Making Ice cubes is an example of exothermic.


An endothermic process absorbs heat and cools the surroundings.

Melting Ice cubes is and example of endothermic.