His bark is louder than is bite

The fierce pomeranian

He is the cutest little pup but he can be very annoying. He is 3 years old and 21 in dog years. Samson has the loudest bark ever and the whole house hate it! Even our neighbors know who our dog is when he barks!

The little thief!

Samson is always looking for a extra treat around the house

My best pet i've ever had!

Samson is my most favorite pet that I have ever had. Even if he has flaws, that's what makes him, Samson. I have had him ever since I was 8 year old and the best memory I've had of him is when we first got him. Me and my family just got Samson from were he was born, and we were on the way to Jack-in-the-Box. When we were about to pay, my grandpa showed Samson a 20 dollar bill and Samson almost ate it! He's the money dog and I love him.