Beginning Band 2016-17

Monroe, Prospect & Walker Schools

The following students are registered

Monroe Anderson Spencer

Monroe Angelopoulos Brooke

Monroe Boruff Chelsea

Monroe Burke Connor

Monroe Carter Sam

Monroe Erwin Kinsey

Monroe Every Charlotte

Monroe Galassi Evie

Monroe Ghai Tanish

Monroe Gilman Charles

Monroe Hamman Tyler

Monroe Hartschuh Ava

Monroe Hemmer Kaya

Monroe Hewitt Matea

Monroe Knaul Carter

Monroe Krasnewich Charles

Monroe Marcet Brody

Monroe Marringa Travis

Monroe McDonnell Cathryn

Monroe Moran Tabitha

Monroe Pappas Clara

Monroe Parvataneni Anika

Monroe Pigatti Vittoria

Monroe Randell Joshua

Monroe Regal Lillian

Monroe Romberger Will

Monroe Sciortino Betsy

Monroe Siddiqui Faris

Monroe Singla Dylan

Monroe Sommer Laura

Monroe Tallard William

Monroe Tragas Helena

Monroe Tran Kellen

Prospect Beargie Anna

Prospect Bots Evan

Prospect Bram Benjamin

Prospect Calvanese Eleanor

Prospect Chaidez Olivia

Prospect Cihlar Marc

Prospect Cuellar Diego

Prospect Cutinelli Cecilia

Prospect Dynis Ben

Prospect Graeb Ella

Prospect Han Andy

Prospect Jensen Madeline

Prospect Knoll Cody

Prospect Knotts Luke

Prospect Konopka Adam

Prospect Leon Janet

Prospect Little Sutton

Prospect Lynch Charles

Prospect Miller Macey

Prospect Montanye Kaitlyn

Prospect Ortiz Adam

Prospect Peterson Brooke

Prospect Prieto Michael

Prospect Rediger Will

Prospect Reinhardt Alison

Prospect Renehan Matthew

Prospect Sakalosky Grace

Prospect Talbott-Swain Griffin

Prospect Wallace Morgan

Prospect Walsh Cailley

Prospect Ward Austin

Prospect White Katherine

Prospect Widtfeldt Emmet

Prospect Wong Noah

Prospect Zak Alex

Walker Block Emily

Walker Compton Erin

Walker Dillenburg John

Walker Fallah Zoe

Walker Hilton Shanti

Walker Kavuliak Jason

Walker Keiner Sallie

Walker Knier Meghan

Walker Korbus Isabella

Walker Kurimay Evan

Walker Miller Ian

Walker Morgan Lily

Walker Morris Miette

Walker O'Hara Martin

Walker Pang Lauren

Walker Patel Rachel

Walker Purcell Griffin

Walker Ravanasa Barsum

Walker Sauer Michael

Walker Seehausen Clark

Walker Stern Katelyn

Walker Vaikutis Lindsey

Walker Vande Lune Chloe

Walker Walsh Jack


At this time, I do not know which day I will be at which schools; the principals will meet this summer to make this determination. Band schedules will be distributed through your child's classroom teacher before Labor Day.

Have a great summer - I am looking forward to working with your children in the fall!


If you haven't already done so, you may want to make rental arrangements for your child before the August rush. You can call Quinlan & Fabish (630) 654-4111 and if you tell them you are from D181, they will know what you need to get started: accessories, books, etc. Another option is to rent on-line by clicking here. You are free to rent from any other source or if you purchase a used instrument, we ask that you stick to the following recommended brands