The Humane Society

Background information of the founder.

The founders of humane society are Helen Jones, Larry Andrews, Fred Myers, and Marcia glaser!They all loved animals and wanted animals to live better.The Humane Society of Green Bay has taken care of over 5,000 animals since 1958.

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Is the foundation primarily global, national, state or local?

The humane society is national.It is known through all the 50 United States.The Humane society has many locations spred out all over United States.

What impact has the foundation or founder had on the community?

The impact the founders had was that if they saw a animal one the road they would bring it home or bring it to the humane societie.The impact helped both people find pets and pets find owners.So it helps us and animals!Thanks to the founder so many animals have homes and so many animals are happier.And they have made it easier to adopt pets.
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How does the foundation help the community?

They help animals have homes and They help stray animal's live safer and help them be more healthier and happier.Also if there was a hurt do they would help it recover.

What I/we are going to do to help our community?

We are going to raise money for toys!

Contacts we need to make.

Bay Area humane society

1830 Radisson st. Green Bay wi.


Open Wednesday 12:00 am. to 7:00 pm.

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