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June 17, 2019

Summer Lunch Club Returns!

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B-C-S Superintendent Provides Written Testimony to Ohio Senate

Testimony of Guy Parmigian

Superintendent, Benton-Carroll-Salem School District

Submitted to

The Ohio Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee

June 12, 2019

Chairman Wilson, Vice Chairman McColley, Ranking Member Williams, and Members of the Energy and Public Utilities Committee, thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony in support of House Bill 6 (HB 6). My name is Guy Parmigian, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Superintendent of the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District, located in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

I applaud the House of Representatives for passing HB 6 and for recognizing that this important legislation will improve Ohio’s clean energy efforts while protecting vital economic contributions that Ohio public schools rely on for funding.

Across our school district, 220 dedicated teachers and staff members proudly serve 1,500 students, helping to prepare them for future success. As you may know, Oak Harbor is home to the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station. We consider the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station to be a critical economic stakeholder, along with its employees and families. Davis-Besse employs more than 700 local Ottawa County residents, many of whom are parents of students in our school district. In addition to the stability, job security, and high-paying wages that benefit our community as a result of Davis-Besse, the plant generates important revenue that in-turn propels the local economy. In 2017, the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station paid more than $7.5 million annually in personal and property taxes – funds that are critically important to our school district. In fact, Davis-Besse was responsible for contributing 40 percent to annual tax revenues for the school district.

Along with the economic benefits of the plant, I am concerned that if we allow Ohio’s nuclear generating plants to close prematurely, they will not be replaced with clean energy, such as wind and solar, but by harmful natural gas and coal alternatives. Ohio depends on nuclear energy to provide a clean, reliable energy source, as the Davis-Besse and Perry plants produce 90 percent of our state’s emission-free electricity, which prevents carbon emissions and other harmful pollutants from entering the atmosphere. Ohio’s nuclear plants avoid more than 9 million tons of carbon emissions each year. This is the equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road, which is valued at a social cost of $600 million annually. The bottom line is that both the future of our school district and the health of our children are aligned closely with ensuring the continued operation of Davis-Besse and Perry.

Across our community, the future of Davis-Besse has created unpredictability and uncertainty among our staff and students as families worry about the future of their own jobs. I urge you to follow the lead of your colleagues in the House and support this legislation to keep the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station open for business. Establishing a mechanism that reflects and preserves the value of Ohio’s nuclear plants is ultimately in the best interest of our communities, our students, and their families.

Guy Parmigian

Superintendent, Benton-Carroll-Salem School District

Facebook Live regarding Levy Information Held on 06/05/2019
Ballot Issue

For more information regarding the upcoming levy please visit our website

August 6th Levy Informational/Q & A Meetings

*Coffee Connections at Blackberry Corners: 7/25/19 at 10 AM

*Facebook Live on District Facebook Page: 7/25/19 at 5:30 PM

*Community Meeting: 7/25/19 at 6:15 PM at the OHHS Auditorium

*If you would like a Board member to come to your home to talk with you about the levy, please call the Board Office at (419) 898-6210 to arrange this.

*You can also call or email your questions at anytime to:

Superintendent Guy Parmigian:, or (419) 898-6210

Treasurer Cajon Keeton:, or (419) 898-6210

District Calendar for B-C-S Local School District for the 2019-2020 School Year!

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Important Dates for the Opening of the 2019-2020 School Year

Mark your calendars...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

$District Wide Fee Collection at OHHS from 9 AM until 8 PM

4th Grade Open House at OHMS from 4:30--6 PM

Thursday, August 15, 2019

$District Wide Fee Collection at OHHS from 9 AM until 8 PM

Kindergarten Open House at R.C. Waters from 4:30--6 PM

High School Open House from 6--7:30 PM

8th Grade Orientation at OHHS Auditorium at 6 PM

Monday, August 19, 2019

Teacher Work Day

R.C. Waters Elementary Open House 4:30--6 PM

Oak Harbor Middle School Open House 5--6:30 PM

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Opening Day: ALL B-C-S Staff Report to OHHS Auditorium at 8 AM

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

1st Day of School For Students

B-C-S Students Explore Put-In-Bay

On June 7, 2019, the Oak Harbor Police Department and Chief Weirich sponsored a trip to Put-In-Bay for the Crossing Guards at Oak Harbor Middle School and the Bus Guards at R.C. Waters Elementary. The Department has sponsored this annual trip for over 20 years. This trip is a reward for the responsibility and effort the students put forth during the school year as guards. Students and chaperones rode the Jet Express over to the island. A visit to the Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center allowed students to explore a collection of North American wildlife, fish, and birds. While visiting Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, students learned about the history of the island and took an elevator ride to the observation deck. Students also engaged in gemstone mining while exploring Perry’s Cave. A visit to the Butterfly House allowed students to experience several different species of butterflies from all over the world. The day was filled with engaging learning opportunities for the students.

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Looking for School Supply Lists?

School supply lists will be featured in a special "Back to School" Rocket Report featured the week of July 8th! Stay tuned!

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What's Going On At Oak Harbor Middle School?

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4th Grade High Honor Roll (4.0)

Chelsea Arden, Nolan Arnold, Aidan Boss, Rylie Budinger,

Olivia Cherry, Rhiley Conners, Aleigha Dusseau, Olivia Gendaszek, Dakota Gluth,

Zachary Hallett, Addison Holcomb, Tyler Johannsen, Delaney Johnson, Wade Kapp,

Morgan Lalonde, Payne Lohman, Olivia May, Karmela Neiderhouse, Henry Noble,

Haylee Robinson, Layne Roguski, Myley Sandwisch, Madelynn Schiets, Libby Snodgrass,

Colton Spencer, Garyn Stewart, Tyler Stewart, Olivia VanNess, Lily Wilson, Braxtin Witt,

Kaden Zetzer, Grayson Zimmer, William Zunk III

5th Grade High Honor Roll (4.0)

Bradyn Ager, Wyatt Augsburger, Tatum Baumgartner,

Abigail Coutcher, Chloe Everage, Hayley Fallgren, Sophia Grieger, Alayna Hall, Madison Hand,

Olivia Hand, Sara Hodgins, Fulton Krupp, Jacob Lenke, Emma Lewis, Lyla Mikolas, Taylor Ontko, Alyssa Pickering, Breydan Porath, Alex Rife, Anna Sage, Nevaeh Sanders, Logan Schiets, Laney Schmidt, Braden Schultz, Cooper Schultz, Brianna Sensmeier, Chloe Shupe, Emily Slagle, Carson Slates, Chloe Smith, Xavier Snyder, Carson Steinbrick, Madison Torres, Adaline Warren

6th Grade High Honor Roll (4.0)

Jacob Allen, Austin Anderson, Hailey Ayres, Daemon Britt, Olivia Buder, Ava Chanthavong, Charli Clark, Katie Collins, Kalyssa Dehring, Camdyn Fauver, Zoe Fuelleman, Audrey Hasselbach, Bella Lake, Brady Losie, Elise Mollison, Lily Perry, Jenna Piper, Carson, Ridener, Peyton Sautter, Abigail Schiller, Hannah Schimmoeller, Effie Schulte, Madison Smith, Brooklynn Starkey, Caiden Velliquette, Nathan Warnke, Mya Wright, Sophia Zunk

7th Grade High Honor Roll (4.0)

Daniel Allen III, Leila Balduf, Delaney Blunt, Jaylin Brough, Melana Cook, Macey Craddock, Mason Flayler, Porter Gregory, Ava Grieger, Spencer Heintz, Faith Jensen, Isabel Jensen, Paige Krupp, Emma Lynch, Sydney Mahaney, Grace Mallow, Marissa Mapes, Alyha Marquez, Maia Mattimoe, Brayden Myerholtz, Elaina Pollauf, Megan Rife, Hollie Robinson, Braden Schimmoeller, Nora Schmidt, Kylie Sigurdson, Nicholas Slagle, Logan Snodgrass, Alyse Sorg, Tate Tomor, Kacey Wilburn

4th Grade Honor Roll (3.5-3.9)

Alexandria Adams, Brayden Ayres, Skylar Ballin, Aubrey Bercaw, Alexander Berman, Kennedy Bores, Mackenzie Chaffin, Carly Chanthavong, Trinity Cooley, Addison Coutcher, Zoey Craddock, Cadence Crawford, Ali Fox, Ayden Hall, Chase Harder, Zavier Hess, Alexis Hill, Matthew Hubans, Landon Ish, Ethan Johnson, Kyndall Kaiser, Michael Kruszka, Abigail Lenke, Elizabeth Murphy, Brayden Overmyer, Isabella Rimboch, Cassandra Roberts, Gage Sandwisch, Kennedy Slates, Ryan Supinski, Brookelynn Tabbert, Cheyenne Turpin, Caden Walleman

5th Grade Honor Roll (3.5-3.9)

Claire Adkins, Jack Barron, Travis Bouyer, Emma Bradbury, Hunter Branum, Edward Brooks, Mercedes Cover, Makaylah Fleming, Adan Greer, Ashlyn Hall, Everett Hand, Abbygale Jennings, Madelyn Lenke, Ryder Lindsay, Kaitlyn Meloche, Bodee Mille, Destiny Mitchell, Alex Mowel, Brennan O’Neill, Matthew Parks, Cody Pelz, Autumn Pocs, Tiffany Potter, Chloe Priddy, Morgan Purtee, Issac Schulte, Austin Sorg, Caleb Sprenger, Amelia Tooman, Peyton Wagner, Aaron Weber, Jr., Austin Weber, Reagan Wittman, Blake Woodrick, Christopher Zoltani

6th Grade Honor Roll (3.5-3.9)

Odin Ager, Lily Arden, Macie Arden, Addison Auer, Caleb Baker,

Hannah Blackman, Ryleigh Brenamen-Trumbull, Austin Cherry, Noah Clapsaddle,

Laney Craddock, Ellie Dobbelare, Joshua Fallgren, Ella Freebern, Brayden Garcia, Jesse Garner, Adisen Gendaszek, Ava Geyer, Allison Giezie, Alexandra Hanney, Noah Haycox, Aliya Ibarra, Cole Janes, Emma Jensen, Noah Jess, Chloe Kelley, Michael Lalonde III, Karson Lash,

Landon Losie, Logan McKitrick, Jaxson Overmyer, Macey Parker, Allyson Phillips,

Emma Reinhart, Lincoln Richards, Isaac Ridener, Jacob Ridener, Makenna Roberts,

Joscelyn Rollheiser, Jacob Seaman, Addison Sommers, Peyton Stewart, Ethan Stokes,

Gage Sturgill, Samara Tack, David Warner

7th Grade Honor Roll (3.5-3.9)

Reese Adkins, Seth Auger, Emma Brough, Tabitha Duncan, Tait Dusseau, Paige Favro, Alivia Goetz, Olivia Goldstein, Evan Hall, Owen Harkness, Dominic Heredia, Rainy Hogg, James, Kingery IV, Phoebe Lenke, Seth Lenke, Garrett Lindsay, Timothy Marquette, Lexie Michael, Parker Newman, Madyson Petersen, Calley Pierson, James Sander, Jacob Sandwisch, Dorianne Schiets, Kennedy Sheppard, Scott Smith Jr, Alexandria Villalon, Anthony Weiser, Alison Willis, Kaleb Wood

4th Grade Merit Roll (3.0-3.4)

Claire Blausey, Liam Blevins, Tucker Brown, Brinlee Chovan, Hannah Clymer, Matthew Conn, Jillyan Croy, Brooklyn Garcia, Miyanna Gardner, Ayden Gaskalla, Hunter Giesler, Ava Goetz, Charles Hablitzel, Turner Hayes, Damian Heredia, Cameron Hogg, Kobe Huston, Thomas Kaiser, Hunter Lenke, Ashleigh Meckfessel, Avery Mikolas, Micah Miller, Mikayla Overmyer, Levi Rains, William Reynolds, Danica Ring, Chloe Romo, Ava Sautter, Teagan Varga

5th Grade Merit Roll (3.0-3.4)

Addison Dusseau, Natalie Eldred, Andres Estrada, Michael Fausey, Brianna Fuller, Elle Gardiner, Owen Gradel, Ava Hall, Isabel Hand, Addison Hartman, Joshua Hernandez, Julie Hutton, Ford Joseph, Derek Lochotzki, Ava Lynch, Hayden McGee, Christian Morgan, Ivy Moss, Blake Nickel, Cole Palmer, Garret Perkins, Elektra Romo, Joshua Sander, Levi Scott, Lilly Taylor, Natalia Wagner, Grace Wilson, Ian Wilczynski, Derek Wolf, Micah Wonderly

6th Grade Merit Roll (3.0-3.4)

Collin Biehler, Ethan Branum, Corrina Brough, Brayden Butzin,

Adam Cherry Jr., Colton Clark, Samantha Delahamaide, Kierra Densic, Paxton Howey, Caleb Hug, Faith Kimble, Blake Klavinger, Chloe Milbrodt, Josie Minton, Marin Nolan, Thomas Overmyer, Cody Polm, Toby Richardson, Lannden Schiets, Harly Sheets, Tyler Thompson,

Trent Wadsworth, Madison Wilhelm, Allison Wisler, Gavin Witt, Madison Witt

7th Grade Merit Roll (3.0-3.4)

Jesse Ambrozy, Madison Barr, Carmen Christiansen, Elora Cooper, Arturo Estrada, Cadyn Gordon, Makena Gottron, Dylan Hutton, Christopher Ivey, Amery Karshuk, Grace Kimble, Leeland Kinnison, Zane Lattimore, Dakota Lutman, Dylan Nye, Abigail Smith, Matthew Strouse, Jessica Thompson, Dalton Witter


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Great to see staff using summer to learn more about community manufacturing needs!

Day 1 of the Ottawa County Teacher Manufacturing Boot Camp! Local teachers had the opportunity to meet with staff and owners of ZinkCallsAvianX, Port Clinton Mfg & Northern Mfg, as well as tour the facilities.

Hosted by North Point Educational Service Center.
An initiative of the Ottawa County Business Advisory Council.

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Its was a great 2019 Track Season. The program added 12-1st place trophies from Invitationals, 2 SBC Championships, a district & regional runner-up, tied or broke 8 school records, 15 state qualifiers in 13 different events, a state placing relay and hurdler, & 1 State Champion.

2019 Swamp Stomp!

B-C-S and P.C. Wellness teams competed at the Swamp Stomp mud run this past weekend. Everyone had a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone that participated! Here are the before and after photos!

B-C-S Alum Highlight Nominations needed!

The Benton-Carroll-Salem School District wishes to highlight the accomplishments of its graduates who reside in our area, the nation, and the world!

The B-C-S Alum Highlight will be featured in the Sampler and in other media throughout our area. We know that Rocket Pride is strong, and so are the accomplishments and contributions of B-C-S alumni.

We look forward to recognizing and honoring the extraordinary individuals who are graduates of Oak Harbor High School.

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About Us

The school district was founded on July 1, 1967 due to the consolidation of the Benton Township School District, the Carroll Township School District, and the Salem-Oak Harbor School District.Benton-Carroll-Salem Local School District, home of the Oak Harbor Rockets, serves 1700 students on three campuses: R.C. Waters Elementary School (Grades K--3), Oak Harbor Middle School (Grades 4--7), and Oak Harbor High School (Grades 8--12). The district is committed to serving the needs of all students to prepare them for the challenges of citizenship, the workforce, and life long learning.

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