What They Say...

Pretty & Poised Teens Speak Up & Share Their Experiences

[Pretty & Poised] is a wonderful experience: You make new friends, have a ton of fun, and learn things about yourself and your beauty. It helps YOU become more confident in yourself! -MEGHAN

[Pretty & Poised] makes you more confident about yourself and trying new things. -GIANNA

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All I can say is TAKE THIS CLASS! -LUCY

CAMP Pretty & Poised starts next week.

TWO days and registration will open! Take it from the girls of Pretty & Poised, you want to be there! Only 20 spots available Friday's from 4-6pm or Sunday's from 1:30-3:30pm. Get your friends together and get ready for our best year yet!

All photos courtesy of Scott Butler, one of team of three professional photographers.