The 6 Essential Nutrients

By Ally Hanson

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*Water carries nutrients to our cells and carries waste from our bodies.

*It regulates body temp.

+You can find water in plants such as cacti and fruits like cocunuts

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2. Carbohydrates

*They are the body's main source of nutrients

*They provide the body with dietary fibers

+You can find carbohydrates in foods such as bread and rice

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3. Protein

*Provides energy

*Helps build and repair body tissue

*You can find protein in Meat,Fish,Eggs,Nuts

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*Provides substances for healthy skin

*Enhances the texture of food

*You can find fats in butter or any other dairy product

*There are 2 different types of fat, Saturated,and Unsaturated,

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*There are 13 different vitamins

*They are separated into 2 types Fat Soluble and Water Soluble
* You can find vitamins in fruits and vegetables

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*They actually become part of your body

*The body requires 16 daily

*You can find them in beans and nuts