Mertavated Mail

Stats for the First Semester

Number of Classes Seen

PPCD: 15

Pre-K: 26

1st: 58

2nd: 65

3rd: 57

4th: 63

5th: 21

6th: 24

Internet Safety and Technology Classes Taught

The following lessons were taught to all classes.

* Responsible Use Guidelines

* Online Danger - Graded Quizzes sent to 1st-6th

* Sharing Information Privately - Graded quizzes sent to 1st - 6th

* Passwords - Graded quizzes sent to 1st-6th

* Cyber bullying

* Respecting Creative Work - Graded quizzes sent to 1st-6th

Only Taught to 4th-6th Grade

* Google Drive Intro - Graded Quizzes sent to 4th -6th


Have collaborated with 3 teachers on lessons within the library to meet the needs of the classroom.

* Nonfiction Features

* Biographies

* Animal Adaptations

* Research - Copyright and Plagiarism - Lessons with all grades during their research project or for science fair.

* Sequencing

Library After Hours

The library is open before and after school. This semester I have helped about 600 kids before or after school check out books, work on projects, report books read, etc.

Book Promotion

Bluebonnet Books Read and Forms filled out for the Bluebonnet Party 182.

Current Students invited to the blue bonnet party 13. With 15 kids one or two books away.

Started the Little Bits Program which is for second grade students with the 2X2 reading list. I am training them using this list for Bluebonnet training. Second graders read the books. Fill out a shorter modified form and after so many books read they will be invited to a little bits party where they vote on their favorite books and celebrate their reading. 30 little bit forms have been filled out from three classes. This program was started the last week of November.

I have completed book talks.

Winter Reading Contest. Students were introduced with a video and given a reading log for over the break. Three possible contests are available, 1. Drawings for the most minutes read. 2. Coke float party for class with most minutes read. 3. Prize for the most creative reading spot picture.

Staff Training

Trainings either with small groups or individual teachers.

* Google Drive

* Google Calendars

* Google Forms

* Google Classroom

* Class Dojo

* Socrative

* Google Forms

* Ipad

* Mix and Match App

* Movie Maker

I have created and shared videos for

* Google Drive

* Google Calendar

* Checking out books when I am unavailable

Professional Development

Edline for Libraries

Catalog Development

Curriculum Integration

8 New Librarian Meetings

Mentor Meetings (STE)

Mentor Meetings (Library)

Library Expo - 8 Hours

TWU Course - Website Development

TWU Course - Information Representation and Retrieval

Book Fair


Book Club

Book clubs meet weekly over different books for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.