Maedgen Elementary Return to Learn


EXCITED FOR 2020-2021

As our Lions return to school on August 17, 2020 there will be two options for learning: face-to-face or virtual. When making this important decision it's critical that our Lions community have all the information that is available to date. Please see below for specific ways in which face-to-face and virtual instruction will differ, followed by a short FAQ section.


  • Classes held at Maedgen and taught by Maedgen teachers
  • Classes mirror pre-Covid schedules with a few changes to adhere to the increased safety protocols
  • Safety protocols in place including but not limited to: social distancing, face coverings required for 4th grade and up and strongly encouraged for others, additional sanitizing of surfaces, minimized touch points, no sharing of supplies, teachers rotate rather than students, no large gatherings of any kind
  • Lessons designed and implemented for students to master grade level TEKS, not simply complete a task.
  • No outside deliveries of any kind--this includes food deliveries to school.
  • All visitors in the building will be required to have an appointment. This includes arrival and dismissal times.
  • Access to specialists, PE, recess, and tutoring by Maedgen teachers.
  • Micro-closure procedures will be enacted for students or staff who come into "close contact" with a person testing positive for COVID-19. Micro-closures are defined as a short shutdown between 1 - 5 days. This will be determined by the Health Department.


  • Students will "attend" class virtually using an LISD Ipad or Chromebook.
  • Students are expected to follow a schedule set by the teacher every day and communicate with their teachers throughout the day.
  • Some of the learning will be synchronous (with the teacher) while some assignments will be asynchronous (on their own).
  • Students will participate in at least 180 minutes of instruction in all the content areas.
  • Grading will follow the LISD grading policy. In grades 1-5, this means a minimum of 9 assignments will be graded and recorded, a nine week assessment will be given at the end of each grading period, and grades will be numerical with a 70 or above.
  • Classes will be taught by a certified teacher, but not necessarily a Maedgen teacher.
  • Students will have specials (music and art) as well as PE.


  1. Will we have Open House in August? At this time, we are minimizing adults in the building so we will have virtual Open House. You will get more information about this in August.
  2. Will students be locked into their learning choice for the entire school year? No, students are locked into their learning choice for a 9 week grading period. At the end of the 9 weeks, a different choice can be made.
  3. Will I be able to walk my student into the building in the morning? At this time, students will be met at the door by staff and directed to class. However, if you need to make an appointment with a teacher, you can do so at anytime.
  4. Where do I register my child for virtual / face to face instruction? When you are ready to make your choice for either face-to-face or virtual instruction, please visit If you have already completed registration, you can log in and skip to screen 9 to make your selection. We encourage you to make your decision as soon as possible so we can finalize our preparations for each type of learning.


The information presented above is to help our Lion community make an informed decision regarding instructional options as we near the start of the 2020-21 school year. The deadline to make a choice for the upcoming school year is August 3, 2020; however, if that decision can be made sooner that will help in our planning at Maedgen Elementary.

Please know that no matter which option you select Maedgen Elementary is here to support all Lions academically, socially, and emotionally. Maedgen is also committed to following all safety protocols in place.

If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out by phone (806)219-6200.

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