Nancy Wake

By Joshua Strauss, Rachel Tabin, and Isabel Kramer


Welcome to our Museum in a box about Nancy Wake. You will observe many new and interesting facts about the roles of women in World War II. War was hard to prepare so countries needed all the help it could get. Women volunteers aided the war effort by planting gardens, canning foods, selling war bonds, donating blood, and sending care packages. As you can observe, women have changed a lot over the past years and how a women served as a hero during the war. We have a personal hero, Nancy Wake, who was a Resistance fighter and led a giant army of Marquis troops to sabotage the Nazi’s. Nancy wake wasn’t born a hero but she achieved many great things which made her a hero. One of the biggest events that showed that circumstances made her a hero was involving Adolf Hitler. At the beginning of the Holocaust, Wake worked for the Nazis. After she saw what they did to the Jews, she changed sides and became a war hero.


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Binoculars by NancyWake


Money by NancyWake


Journal by NancyWake


Gun by NancyWake


French Flag by NancyWake


Alcohol by NancyWake


Magnifying Glass by NancyWake


Cosmetics by NancyWake

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