Saxton Awards 19.11.21

Rainbow and Values Awards


Rainbow Awards

Harris Mason (From Mr Rich) - for your amazing listening skills and super effort in PE this week.

Harris Mason - Rainbow award for having a super week! - Brilliant independent writing in English, fantastic effort in gymnastics - what a great attitude to school.

Our target was focused on Anti bullying week.In Willow we learnt about "one kind word". In our lessons we shared lots of good news stories when children had been kind.

Our awards were chosen by the children for kindness:

  • In Willow, Athena and Jacob
  • In Sycamore Isabella
  • In Maple JJ


Values Award - Creativity:

Isabella Worsnop and Heidi Verlander-Bedford - For your spectacular routines and help in gymnastics.

Values Award - Community:

Maisie Bird and Sienna Leonard (from Mr Weights) - for helping to keep our library tidy

Rainbow Awards:

Samuel Baker - for the outstanding work ethic and learning behaviours that you have displayed this week.

Eco Schools:

Marcus Connell and Marley Hirst - have been selected to become a member of our School's Eco-Committee for 2021-22


Values Award:

Will Armstrong - For going above and beyond to offer support to your classmates. You always show great kindness and patience - you are a wonderful friend and a great teacher too!

Rainbow Award:

Reuben Batley - for showing great determination and a wonderful attitude to learning in every lesson. Your hard work is really paying off Reuben and you are making great progress in all subjects of the curriculum. Well done!

The Sports Leaders - JJ, Harry, Bryce and Freddy - (From Mr Rich) for all of the work that you have put into setting up the activities and in sorting the equipment this week, thank you all!

Eco Schools:

George Wilton and JJ Watson - have been selected to become a member of our School's Eco-Committee for 2021-22