Chinese schools of Thought.

Tiarra Simmons


Respecting older people (elders) is an tradition in confucianism,  Goal of Confucianism was to reform society by showing princes and dukes how to govern wisely.  The ruler directed the government but was responsible for the welfare of the people. If the rulers lived virtuously, then the people would follow their example. Confucius also encouraged individuals to participate in society.


 "The nature of man is evil, his goodness is acquired." His philosophy and teachings became the basis for government, especially in the _han  Dynasty but was rejected by the _Qin  Dynasty. I rememebr this by thinking of the goverenmet and the "whip".


"The best ruler is one who governed the least." For individuals to attain happiness they must, Practice humble life, Live a simple life, and Live in harmony with nature. I remember this by thinking of happniess because tao means the way... being happy is the way to go.


  Buddhism belives in the Four Noble Truths.  Witch are, ALL LIFE IS FULL IF PAIN,SUFFERING AND SAWROW,cause of suffering is no virtue (neg. deeds),the only cure for suffering is to over come no virtue ,the way over no virtue is to follow the eightfold path. I remember this by thinking of the 4 noble truths and how india and japan are tied together.