A little about myself

Dylan Baker

This summer I went to the beach, and hung out with friends. I also went to san antonio texas this year for the national youth gathering.

Science background

I took honors environmental as a freshman and it was really fun. I liked it because it was active and we got to relate what we were learning to the real world and we got to get out of the classroom. Not a big fan of biology might have just been the teacher but the activities we did were fun.

I live in a fmily of five. Me, my younger sister, older brother, and my parents.

I enjoy playing xbox 360, dirtbike riding, fourwheelers, and working on cars I have. I play basketball and soccer. I used to ride skateboards. I like music use to play guitar and piano. I like to mess with android phones. I like to travel. I like to hike and be in the outdoors.