Sam Walton

By: Ethan Jones 8b


Sam Walton (March 29, 1918 – April 5, 1992) is an American businessman best known for creating Walmart and Sam's Club, two retailing businesses. He opened the first official Walmart in 1962 and his business has been growing ever since. He is married and has 4 children Even after his death his legacy, and company live on.
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Early Life

Samuel Moore Walton was born to Thomas Gibson Walton and Nancy Lee, farmers, in Kingfisher, Oklahoma on March 29, 1918, just before the end of World War One. As a child during the Great Depression, he worked for his brother's farm mortgage business where he would reposes people's farms. In 8th grade Sam became an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America program. Later in life, after attending and graduating from David H. Hickman High school Sam would go on to attend the University of Missouri where he would graduate with a bachelor's degree in economics and as president of the class.

Post Graduate Life and Business Endeavors

in 1940, only three days after his graduation, Sam took a job as a management trainee at J.C. Penny earning him 75 dollars a month. After a year and a half Walton quit because he was expecting to be drafted into the military. While waiting to be drafted he worked at a munitions factory. Walton was inducted into the United States Army Intelligence Corps where he was put in charge of security at multiple military facilities including airstrips and POW camps. After the war ended Walton bought his first retailing store from the Butler Brothers franchise. This store helped him create a business plan for his first Walmart which he opened on July 2, 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. The word Walmart was a result of a combination of the words "Walton" and "Market". Through Walton's great entrepreneurial

skills and the uniqueness of the business Walmart became a successful variety retailing store.

Business Attributes and Skills

Walton had many different skills and techniques that helped him create such a successful company. He was never discouraged even when he lost one of his stores because the lease ran out. He was willing to test new, innovative ideas that ended up paying off. Walton also knew how to inspire people, especially his employees. This caused his employees to work harder which in turn made more money. To make Walmart successful Walton also employed many techniques such as making his stores self-service which increased the speed in which customers shopped. He also pioneered discount merchandising where he sold merchandise at a discount price, increasing the number of items sold.

Personal Life

Walton Married Helen Robson in 1943. They ended up having four children, Samuel Robson being born in 1944 was the oldest, next came John Thomas, born in 1946, James Carr in 1948, and Alice Louise who was born in 1949. He and his Family were active in their community in Bentonville, Arkansas, attending the First Presbyterian church and supporting various charitable causes. He loved the outdoors and spent much of his time hunting. Sam died of Bone Marrow cancer in 1992. It is clear that even though this man was one of the wealthiest men in America that he was also one of the most humble.



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