Child Labor Laws


General Information On Child Labor Laws

This was enacted for when young people work its is safe, and does not jeopardize their health or educational opportunities. FLSA-1938. This is made to control wages and hours during school. The laws made for young adults with jobs!

Specific Laws For Gerogia

A total of 80% of all students work sometime during high school. Child labor laws ensure education before work and that's their goal. There are also child labor law presentations in schools. Child Labor Laws also issue certifications of consent for minors. They have various guidelines for minors who have not reached their 18th birthday yet.

Specific Laws for Tennesse

They have many more regulations for the Child Labor Laws. Minors have to have a non-payable 30 minute lunch break that is mandatory. They have many ''Acts'' that go along with their job that are unacceptable. They have a set Wage Act that IS controlled.

Specific Child Labor Laws for China

In China a child under the age of 18 has many regulations. If a child is on their on there are stipulations for a job. China is on a big role about safety and parents not seeing the dangers of letting their children entering the workforce.

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Specific Child Laws for Canada

They have different work regulations so minors can get their education first. They offer various insurances in different countries. It used to be 7 year old working now they want to prohibit 16 & 17 year old to work. Many things have changed with the Child Labor Laws to protect us.