There is a anime/manga for everyone, but not all of them are

Why am I talking about this?

Everytime when I tell people that like anime or manga they usually thing that i'm a fucking loser. Well there right. I am a fucking loser and i'm proud of it. All they thing that anime's are nothing but highschool girls fetish show with a story that makes almost no sense, well yes there are a lot of anime like the but that's because the lag of creativity but luckley that is slowly dying. But what they don't know that there are some anime or manga that they might like. And also I don't know what else to talk about.

What the fuck is a anime/manga?

Well for you that don't know, anime are animated shows/movies that are made in japan that are usually a adaptations of a manga (a japanese comics) by the same name but some are adaptations of video games, novels and hell even superhero comic books.

Let's get this over with.

Now i'm not gonna talk everything that I know about anime/manga because if I did it will take forever. Let just use some animes/mangas that I know of and there genres as an example.


There are a ton of action anime/manga and damn are they awesome. They usually will have some sort of supernatural things in it and crazy as fuck fight scenes in them, but not all of them have . Attack on Titan is my favorite anime and is a great action series. ( Also i forgot to say that there are a lot of character that die in this show, and I mean a lot), baccano is another great series and everyone can enjoy it, unless you are not into a lot of blood because there are a lot of it and cowboy bebop is a fucking masterpiece and honestly and don't know anyone can not like this show.


Horror anime don't always mean something scary it also means a show that is very brutal,

and I mean really brutal. i mean people begin ripped apart, organs flying everywhere.

Hellsing is a series about a vampire who's name is Alucard who honestly he is one the biggest badass ever and this really fucking brutal but recommend Hellsing Ultimate more than the original show and Elven Lied, now I have not seen this show before but I'm planing to, but what I've seen of it it's really fucking brutal.


I don't know what to say about this. It speaks for it self. Gintama is a great comedy series but it has a lot of japaness culture references so you're not gonna get all the jokes, Space Dandy is another great one and does not depend on references.


Again I don't know what to say it speaks for it self. One Piece is a good series and has a great world and great action but it starts weak but after that it gets good, Rurouni Kenshin is a great show that is about a samurai that used to be a dangerous manslayer but when the meiji era comes he becomes a protector of the people that need him and tries to prevent has much bloodshed as possible.


Now these shows are one of my favorites, they are fun has hell to watch. Fist of the North Star is a very 80's series, it has martial art's men with big has fuck muscles and I can only explain the mean character Kenshiro is that Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fuse together and then he was born. Why? Because he keeps on blowing up peoples heads with one finger. Jojo' Bizarre Adventure is another 80's series and follow's the Joestar bloodline and is still ongoing. It makes almost no sense and is fun as hell. now i recommend this series for anyone who whats a fun action series but if you're going to watch the anime read part 1 phantom blood first because it is rushed as hell. But still it is one of my favorite anime/manga ever.

WTF Japan

Ok this is the last one is the one i wanted to talk most about. Why? Because these series are really weird. Not bad but still WTF Japan. Gurren Lagann is a fucking amazing show, it has some of the best characters I have ever seen, great animation ( except in episode 4) and huge fucking robot's. This show will destroy about 90% of you're braincells if you don't turn of you're brain. Kill la Kill is another WTF show it has great action, great music and funny as hell. But it will destroy about 95% of you're braincells if you don't turn it of. Fooly Colly (flcl) is the most WTF show I have ever seen. It makes no sense and does not want to. Hell the animation doesn't even make sense sometimes, first it look ok and then it goes all matrix and shit and then it turn's into bad animation and then south park animation. This show will destroy 100% of you're braincells if you don't turn it of or just get lucky

Why to I like anime/manga?

I don't know, why to people like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars? Because they have great characters, good story's and great world. Now not all animes/mangas are good... I'm looking at you School Day's. But still try some of these show's out and see if you will like it.