Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Alexandra Koustova

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Summary of my book

When Stargirl first comes to Mica High School, she surprised a lot of people there because of how different she was. She became a cheerleader and got really popular, until Kevin and Leo aired the school show, The Hot Seat. Stargirl was invited to be the star guest to the show, but when Kevin started asking questions for the jury, the jury started shouting and insulting her about how different she was. Then, Mica High, in basketball, went into a final against Sun Valley and something bad happened. Stargirl was cheering for BOTH Mica and Sun Valley which was very wrong. She even, when the captain for the Sun Valley got injured, she put his head in her lap. Mica fans started booing and started throwing tomatoes at her. She was finally kicked off the cheer leading squad. Leo then started to tell her how important is was to be normal. Stargirl then , one day, came as her normal self, Susan. She then won a contest, but when she arrived to school, expecting crowds of people cheering her one, there was no one there. Susan became Stargirl after that. The Ocotillo Ball had many people there, including Stargirl. She then led a long line of the bunny hop parade into the night. She was slapped by Hillari Kimble, the bully, and then disapeared forver, never to be seen by the person she loves and that loved her back, Leo.