Statistics Project

For Mrs. Jensen's Algebra Class


The goal of this project is to demonstrate an understanding of statistical representation and analysis.


  1. Choose a topic you would be interested in finding data about (example: changes in animal populations).

  2. Research and record your data (excel works great for this). You will need enough information to produce at least 4 graphs.

  3. Create a dot plot, a histogram, a box plot and a scatterplot to represent different aspects of your data.

  4. Analyze your data to determine:

    · The mean, median and mode.

    · The standard deviation.

    · The distribution of data using center and spread.

    · If it fits the pattern of normal distribution.

    · The form, strength and direction of the relationship.

    · Are there any outliers? How do they affect your data sets?

    · Is your data symmetric or skewed?

    · Is your data linear? Exponential? Quadratic?

    · Explain the meaning of the slope and intercepts within the context of your data.

  5. Compare and interpret differences in two or more sets of data.

  6. Create a presentation using Emaze to represent your data.

Ideas for Data Collection

  • Animal Population Changes
  • Average Temperatures
  • Rainfall in Different Areas
  • Product Prices
  • Salaries in Different Fields

Types of Data Plots

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Statistics Podcast

Statistics Reference Video

Statistics: The average | Descriptive statistics | Probability and Statistics | Khan Academy

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