By: Michael Maldonado

1. Definition

Heredity is the passing on of physical characteristics from generation to generation.

2. Pictures

3. How, when, where was the topic content developed.

Heredity was discovered by Gregor Mendel. He published his work on pea plants in 1865. Gregor Mendel lived in the Austrian Empire so that is most likely where Heredity was discovered

4. Techniques the developer/scientist used to determine the topic content.

Something that Gregor Mendel did was use peas to figure out heredity. His overall contribution showed scientists that traits were inheritable.

6. Summary of a scientist who developed the content.

Gregor Mendel was an ethnic German. His parents were Anton and Rosine Mendel. From 1840 to 1843 Mendel studied practical and theoretical philosophy. He is known as the father of modern genetics. He found his results from a garden supplied by Napp.

7. Pictures

Here are two pictures of Gregor Mendel.
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8. Describe how the scientist developed it.

Again Gregor Mendel found out heredity by having a pea garden determining traits can be passed down from the parents.