Describe the type of fishing you do

The type of fishing that i do is pond fishing. Pond fishing in my opinion is the best type of fishing. One reason for this is, most ponds are private, so you don't have to worry about a bunch of people fishing there all at once.

What equipment do you use-describe it.

There is a lot of different equipment that you can use while fishing. Some equipment is, a belt, a harness, fishing line, flies and lures, rods, and a reel. Almost every piece of equipment I just named is mandatory for fishing.

What are some fishing hot spots? Why do fish like these special places?

Most fishing hot spots are in grass, or under trees hanging out over the water. The best way to fish on a hot summer day in the morning is on top water. Bass like hot summer days because when the temperature rises, their metabolism speeds up which makes them more active.

What rules do you have to follow where you fish? What is catch and release?

One major rule is, if you are 16 or over you have to have your fishing license. If you do not have your license and you get caught by the game warden, you can get fined and get your fishing poles taken away. Catch and release is when you catch a fish and release it no matter the size. If you catch a bass that is less than 12 inches long then you have to throw it back.

What can fishing teach us about nature?

Some things that fishing teaches you about nature/ life is to be patient, to have a lot of willpower, be prepared, and to be observant. You apply these things in your everyday life.