America is Influencial

By Yuhao Gao

Influential Military Power-Korean War

In the Korean War, the United States successfully prevent the "unification" , which is what Kim il sung said, of Korean peninsula, keeping the other half of the peninsula from the harm of communism. Even though China and Soviet did intervene with either soldiers and artillery, America still proves who is the best. With great military power, America managed to maintain the North Korean army north of 38th parallel. However, because of fear of further involvement of USSR, which might lead to another world war, both sides decided to sit down and sign a treaty. This also caused the likely-permanent division of Korea peninsula, one half communism and the other capitalism

Influential Technology Power-Space Program

In the middle of Cold War era, focus of competition shifted from arms to space. Started in 1957, by when USSR declared the successful launch of Sputnik("traveler"), the United States began to put all its attention into space. In 1958, United States launched Explorer I, designed by the famous rocket expert Wernher von Braun. As the race kept heating up, President Kennedy indicated the goal: to put a man on the moon, later known as Apollo program. However, this isn't an easy task. The program went forward step by step, suffering budget and accident problems. Finally, Neil Armstrong and his team took a step onto the moon, with was then called "a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind." While the United States was in the mood of celebration, USSR's program was proved to be a failure. Years later, America closed Apollo program and in 1975, American and Soviet astronauts met in the space.

Influential Industrial Power-War Production

During World War 2, isolated from the battlefield, America showed its great military power and stood as one of the most important contributors to the victory of war. As the stat shows, during the period of 1939-1945, America produced around three hundred thousand (300,0000) air crafts alone, while Germany and Japan only produced around two hundred thousand(200,0000) air crafts combined. In addition, America produced around sixty-one thousand(61,000) tanks, while Germany and Japan has only twenty thousand(20,000) tanks. America alone overwhelmed the military production of two major Axis power. This great production ability makes weapons seem "valueless" because you have almost unlimited amount of them.
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