Deer Bottom Ranch

Nathan Saunders

Need work!

Come help the largest ranch in the west. You will get paid around 1,000 or so a week. So about 52,000 a year. Monday-Saturday sun up to sun down, off Sundays.


You need to have a degree in AgScience or Ag Business and need to go for 4 years of college.

Our livestock

We have chickens, cattle, hogs, horses, and goats


We have a lot of farm equipment like a Dually Flatbed that has a hydrabed on the back, a 2755 John Deere tractor with hay forks, baler, rake, gator

Job Description

In the morning use the gator to feed the hogs, cattle, goats, and chickens. In midday give the cattle 3 rolls of hay, give the goats 2 square bales. Then feed everything in the afternoon.

What to feed

Hogs-10 bags of purina pro nutrition, Cattle-feeder steers-silage, heifers-10 buckets of commodity, Goats-3 scoops of grain, and horses-7 scoops of oats