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Greetings Ruskin High School Families!

The purpose of this newsletter is to share an overview of off campus programs your high school student has the opportunity to participate in. Deadlines for applying occur early in second semester (January/February) so we encourage you to talk with your student about his/her interests!

Herndon Career Center, Southland CAPS, and Summit Technology Academy

Each of these programs are held in neighboring school districts and are opportunities for your student to spend a half day off campus immersed in a particular field of study. Programs at each site include:

Herndon Career Center (located in Raytown)

  • Automotive Collision/Technology, Industrial & Agriculture Mechanics
  • Construction Technology, Welding, Industrial Engineering
  • Advertising & Graphic Design, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts
  • Foundations of Nursing, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Technician

Southland CAPS (locations vary)

  • Animal Health Science
  • Education Exploration
  • Environmental Planning
  • Technology Solutions

Summit Technology Academy (located in Lee's Summit)

  • Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering
  • Network Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity
  • Medical Interventions, Professional Nursing, Allied Health
  • International Studies, Teacher Prep Academy, Business Finance
  • Digital Media Technology

**All programs open to 11th and 12th graders. Some criteria exist and students must apply to get in.

MCC - BTC Pre-Engineering Early College Program

We offer a robust program with paid college credit at the Business & Technology Campus of Metropolitan Community Colleges. Students interested in pursuing a degree in Engineering can get a head start on their college coursework by participating in this program! Most students graduate high school with 20+ college credit hours.

9th & 10th grade students should get a head start on this program by taking Intro to Engineering (IED) and Principles of Engineering (POE) at Ruskin.

Avila Teacher Prep Program

Calling all teachers and early childhood professionals! Students who might be interested in working with tomorrow's youth should consider our Teacher Prep program. Coursework includes:

  • 9th Grade - Discovering FACS
  • 10th Grade - Psychology & Child Development 1/2
  • 11th Grade - Southland CAPS Education Exploration
  • 12th Grade - Avila Teacher Prep (6 hours of paid college credit) & Cadet Teaching


Through our Small Learning Communities ("houses") students have the opportunity to be a part of several robust academies that are designed to prepare students for life after high school through dual credit hours, internships/job shadowing, credentialing programs, and industry mentoring. Our academies include:

  • Business & Finance Institute (BFI) - BFI is open to all students grades 9-12. Through this program, students visit various business/industry sites in Kansas City, go on college visits, have assigned business mentors, participate in an intensive summer experience, and can earn dual credit sponsorship.
  • Pathways to Technology @ Cerner - Pathways to Tech is open to students in grades 11-12. This program is held on the Cerner campus for half a day and is for students interested in technology related careers. Students earn college credit and have the opportunity to apply for an internship at Cerner.
  • Health Start - Health Start is open to students in grades 10-12 and is for those who are interested in careers in the health field. Students earn dual credit (fully paid) through MCC Penn Valley and have the opportunity to graduate with their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) or Pharmacology Tech license.
  • Pathways to Design Academy (NEW in 20-21) - This program is open to students in grades 10-12 who are interested in graphic design, marketing, or journalism. More details coming soon!
  • Law Academy - This is a paid summer internship program for students interested in possible careers in law. Applications come out in spring of each year and it is open to students in grades 10-12.

Additional information about each program can be found by contacting a Ruskin High School counselor or viewing our Career & Educational Planning Guide at the link below.

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